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Cargo Inspection

There are many ways cargo can be negatively affected during shipping. We specialize in making sure your risk exposure is minimized, regardless of whether you’re using road, rail or air.

  • Loss or Damage Surveys
    Loss due to damage or theft is witnessed, assessed and root cause analysis is completed. Any cargo that is missing is tallied according to weight (gross net) and quantity.
  • Cargo Oversight
    Cargo is checked on behalf of shippers, receivers, cargo owners and underwriters. Weighing of cargo is supervised, Stowing/securing and tally surveys are completed.
  • Cargo Salvage and Loss Investigations
    Coordinate salvage of damaged, short shipped or non-delivery cargo. Root causes are investigated and a report is generated.
  • Expert Witness
    Experienced surveyors, assigned for their knowledge in your particular case, can establish strengths and weaknesses of a case, allowing attorneys to focus on litigation strategies that will prove your claims in court.
Container damage from shipping being inspected.


Containerized Transportation is an industry that must adhere to many safety standards. We specialized in making sure your containers are as little of a liability as possible.


  • Sea-Worthiness Inspection
    We can inspect and certify ocean-going containers for worthiness, following IICL Guidelines.


  • Container Survey
    We inspect your containers and report any out-of-spec tolerances, following IICL guidelines.


  • On-hire/Off-hire Survey
    Container is surveyed before commencing a charter period and a report describing the condition/state of the container is generated.
    Container is re-inspected when ending the charter period and damages/discrepancies are valuated.

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Our surveyors have decades of experience and are IICL Certified.


We are well known in the industry and can complete your inspection quickly and to your high standards - choosing the wrong firm can cost you time and money.

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